Past, present, future, in a vortex of emotions as the history of the Olivini family, whose know-how led it to get involved in viticulture and to re-interpret in modern key, the grandparents’ passion and the profound admiration towards the territory of Lugana, rich of great potentials to exalt, discover, in order to appreciate a marvellous land.
Precious intuitions, ambition to exalt and render historic vines unique, in the constant search for quality. Valorisation of the territory, investments in production, wine-making and refining techniques, with the constant interlace of tradition and innovation, with the desire to further valorise what the land offers us.
During the last few years, the company has worked considerably on the characterisation of Lugana, selecting the best under stocks from its oldest vineyard, for an excellent production in terms of aroma, acid balance, and extended, through grafting, the gems of the precious vegetable material, generating vines for the new systems so as to preserve and optimize the varietal heritage.

Vini & Cucina Bresciana