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Along the ups and downs of the landscape formed by the Garda morainic hills are the most beautiful small medieval villages of Italy (Borghetto and Castellaro Lagusello), huge garden parks and numerous golf courses, lies a protected area, the Natural Reserve of "Park Mincio" with its bike path to the lake Peschiera del Garda - Mantova is the destination for many cyclists. The historic cities: Verona, Mantua and Brescia, are not far and offer many historical and cultural sites worth visiting. A green corner with ancient origin, where the wholesomeness of the products of the land is combined with the spontaneous hospitality of the people who live there: the beautiful area of Lake Garda offers a succession of vineyards, wineries, villages and castles with rich past. Large expanses of vineyards which enrich this land between the border of Lake Garda and the morainic hills are home to a great vine "Lugana": A real part of the sunny and mild Mediterranean climate. Today, thanks to agriculture and the tourism industries the land, which was once a marshy forest, is a wonderful destination for a wonderful holiday and for tourists fascinated by the many romantic places and routes with matching food and wine it offers. And it is in the heart of this beautiful land that our company is established with its wine and its history.

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