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oil extra vergine di oliva

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oil extra vergine di oliva

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Extra virgin olive oil obtained from olive groves located on the south-western coast of the Lake Garda, a region belonging to the province of Brescia. The olive oil is made with the typical varieties Casaliva, Frantoio and Gargnà. This prestigious oil is the result of a perfect working process. Washing and pressing are carried out just few hours after picking. A state-of-the-art continuous cycle plant, operating in a protected environment, completely oxygen-free, allows preserving unchanged its typical fruity taste coming from the fresh olives with a feeling of aromatic herbs and a subtle fragrance of almonds. With a well-defined and smooth taste, highly digestible, this oil is ideal for flavouring the most delicate and light foods without hiding their taste.

chemical analysis

Acidity < 0,3 %


Casaliva, Frantoio, Gargnà

milling and processing

Cleaning and pressing of the olives within 24 hours of harvesting, using oil extraction equipment with a continuous cycle of generation in a controlled environment (in the absence of oxygen).


Straw yellow with green hues


Fruity, medium-light olive with hints of fresh herbs and delicate scent of almonds.

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