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Grappa di lugana

Famiglia Olivini

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Grappa di lugana

Famiglia Olivini


Born from traditional process of steam distillation of the grape pomace of our best Lugana in small copper stills. Resulting in the taste the smell of fine, almost sweet fruit that does not attack the mouth, but conquers it with kindness.


in stainless steel

chemical analysis

Alcoholic content 45%

organoleptic analysis

Obtained from the pomace of Lugana, looks colorless, limpid and crystalline. The nose detects smells of banana, hazelnut, loquat and more clearly the essence of wild rose. For best results serve between 9 ° and 13 °

variety of pomace

Gedroschener reiner Lugana

distillation method

Chargenweise (unterbrochen)

type of distiller

Kleine Kupferbrennerei

distillation temperature

110 °C in Wasserdampf

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