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Grappa di lugana invecchiata

Famiglia Olivini

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Grappa di lugana invecchiata

Famiglia Olivini


Born from the traditional steam distillation process of the pomace of our best Lugana in small oak barrels. Straw yellow with golden streaks.


In oak barrels

chemical analysis

Alcoholic content 45%

organoleptic analysis

Obtained from the pomace of Lugana, has an amber color and is clear. The nose experiences a bouquet of enveloping, wonderful concert of sensations in which ripe fruit, black currant, apricot, chocolate and vanilla stand out with great personality. In the mouth it leaves the taste of elegance and confirms the sensations perceived by smell. For best results serve between 14 ° and 18 °.

distillation method

Batch mode (Discontinuous)

type of distiller

Small copper stills

distillation temperature

110° in water vapour


Over 24 months in small oak barrels

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