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Everyone in the wine industry gives a personal interpretation of the heritage and culture of their wines. Our company has always tried to elevate the peculiarities of each of our vineyard, vines and even individual strains. This meticulous process led us to believe, almost like a dogma, in the potential of our varieties vinified in purity and reinterpreted in a modern way. Absolute respect for the inherent characteristics of the grapes, choosing the most appropriate methods of vinification with preparation of detailed plans for every single vine. Continuous efforts directed at agronomic consolidation of a personal production style, through propagation of vegetative material of our vines, which allows us to challenge the market with wines that we designed and developed, such as the Lugana Metodo Classico and Merlot raisin wine. The chance to work on "accursed" calcareous clay, which demands so much labor in the vineyard and also appeases with results and fruits that we receive from these lands. The mineral characters transferred to the wines of Lugana, the power and elegance of the Notte a San Martino, the richness of Condolcezza; the longevity and the character of fresh sparkling wines, are all the gifts that our land gives us. Our only concern is the ability to fully appreciate and share them with the patrons of good wine.

classic method

One recurring thought was: " But, why waste time in making sparkling wine???" Neither do you have suitable grapes nor the ability to produce so complex a wine... It is precisely from these affectionate "advice" that there was the conviction that we were right. In fact, as more time passed, the customer became aware of this sparkling wine and it was virtually impossible for him not to recognize it or find it pleasant to drink. Even though the path still remains uphill, we are able to establish with our sparkling wine that in these days every wine should have its origin i.e. the symbiosis of our land with our grapes combined with modern production technology. Lugana grapes have among their fundamental traits, high acidity - an essential component of the sparkling wine, the health and preservation of the sparkling wine depend on it. For making sparkling wine, these grapes are harvested early and subsequently processed using the traditional mehod. Elected by the press as one of the best local wines of Italy, the Lugana Brut OLIVINI looks energetic, alternating a delicate nose with a sweet floral and fleshy fruit with strong hints of fresh bread. The mouth instead, offers the best on closing, where you are dominated by the more beautiful territorial stretch, the limestone, a mineral that is perfectly integrated with a forthright plot, of beautiful sour tension. The Lugana Brut Rosé classical method is born after studying the grapes typical of the Lake of Garda (Barbera, Merzemino, Sangiovese and Groppello) for four years. With the passing of the years, we realized we were not alone in believing that grapes native to Italy can be used to produce sparkling wine. ANIMA - the Association of National Italian Classic Method for Native Grapes was born in 2005 (www.metodoclassico.org) on the basis that the world's most famous sparkling wine, - champagne, is produced with local grapes, which for centuries have been acclimatized and rooted in microzone just like the grape producers association.

Garda Rosé Brut Classic Method comes instinctively from a land, well-suited to the production of rosé still wines. The purchase attitudes in pink wine making have promoted Groppello grape as a main component of this wine. The wine is then completed with other varieties such as Barbera Marzemino and Sangiovese which, contribute with their peculiarities, to refine the product's organoleptic profile. Careful winemaking, culminates in the ability to know how to separate the juice from the skins at the right moment, leads to the obtainment of a sparkling wine, coloured in dazzling pink, white with foam and exuberant to the palate with elegant, high structure and persistence. The long maturation on fine yeast gives the wine, sweet notes of cherry and rose against a backdrop of acacia honey and yellow fruit jam.

lugana brut classic method

The symbiosis between calcareous clay and local Lugana, gave rise to the classic method of Famiglia Olivini. A brut sober but strong that alternates a delicate nose between sweet floral and fleshy fruit.

The modern interpretation of that passion has also created a desire for a new look Olivini image which results in vibrant colours, to reveal the affinities between a label and its wine. The set of reflexes and scents and perfumes are in fact expressed through the dimension of colour, in a game of alternating lines; for the Lugana effect, platinum and silver symbolizes freshness and nobility of the grape.

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