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Famiglia Olivini, Winemakers since 1970, was born in an area suited to a wide variety Lugana. And it is in the heart of this territory that the young entrepreneurs Giorgio, Giordana and Giovanni choose to share a bond that their parents Graziella and Giulio felt for this land for years, a passion for heritage transmitted from grandparents. The family property is engaged in producing selected vintages, the fruit of careful, reinterpretation of the grapes in every vintage. In vineyards and winemaking nothing is constant: the wines are never repeatable but unique. In the adjacent property located in the beautiful view of Lake Garda, the company has installed modern equipment, through continuous investments in new technologies and expansion of the cellar where the whole process of winemaking takes place. No single detail related to the cultivation and vinification is overlooked: the propagation of the vines for grafting, careful selection of grapes, carefully hand picked, quality control of materials used, elegant presentation for the sole purpose of enhancing a great product the wine. Past, present, future, in a whirlwind of emotions furl out as the story of the family Olivini, whose knowledge has led to embrace the modern vineyards and reinterpret the passion of their grandparents and great admiration to a territory, that of Lugana, rich enormous potential, to exalt, to discover, to finally give relief to a wonderful land. Valuable insights, and ambition enhance to make unique historical vines, in the continuous pursuit of quality. Valuation of land, investments in processing techniques, winemaking and aging in a continuous interweaving of tradition and innovation, the desire to enhance the value of what the land gives us. In recent years the company has worked hard on the characterization of Lugana, selecting, from their oldest vineyards, the best strains that produce excellence in terms of production of aromatic and acidic balance, spreading after implant, the precious gems of vegetative material and generating vines for new plants to conserve and enhance the heritage of varieties.







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